Counseling can guide you to your
authentic self.
RuthAnn Hall, LPCC
East Liverpool and TELEHEALTH

RuthAnn believes that the most important thing a person can do for themself is to “know thyself” and that is probably one of the most difficult things to do. A person’s early experiences are such a large part of who they become and because of this, many clients do not know “who they are or who they could be”. Counseling can help separate the person from the experiences and guide them to their authentic self. Helping clients find their voice, strength and control is what she loves to do.

RuthAnn specializes in working with Teens and Young Adults in an eclectic style of therapy, focusing on improving thoughts/beliefs, finding solutions to problems, identifying strengths/power and learning control. Her goal is always to help others, “bang their head on the wall less than I did.”

She holds a Master’s of Arts in Counseling from Franciscan University and is a member of the Ohio Counselors Association.

When asked what she’s awesome at, RuthAnn replied,”I am confident in my ability to connect and join a person where they are; I have lived a life like many of my clients and I do not pretend to know more or know better than they. I enjoy being active, giving back and encouraging others to do the same.”

“I love spending time with my family and my wonderful, supportive and crazy friends…and my favorite chore is cutting grass!”

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