We are all human.

Emma Forner


Emma believes that we are all human and, as humans, she thinks it is our duty to foster growth and to create a space that helps all persons we come into contact with feel worthy and deserving of goodness. As mental health issues continue to rise among the nation and world, there is consequently a call on others to help. Counseling is one opportunity to answer this call and be part of people’s lives in such a powerful way. She believes it takes courage to want to change one’s path. Emma is inspired to help people elevate their voices, provide them with unconditional support, empower them throughout their journey of healing, and transform them into the best versions of themselves. The deepest fulfillment that Emma can imagine would be knowing that, when each person leaves a session with her, they leave a little bit happier, have a greater outlook on life, feel more satisfied, are even a bit more courageous, and have the strength to see what the next day brings.

Emma fosters a holistic view of herself and others. As such, the tripartite connection between mind, body, and spirit is very important to her. She has been an avid participant in the practice of yoga for about seven years. Emma has found comfort in yoga and meditation when she has been at her lowest. In focusing on the present, connecting her movements through her breath, and adopting mantras and daily affirmations, she is able to stay grounded. It is a dream of hers to become a trauma informed yoga instructor. This will provide Emma with the opportunity to connect her practice on her yoga mat to her practice in her office.

Throughout her career thus far, Emma has worked with various populations. These populations include young adults who are intellectually disadvantaged, children and adolescents with Autism, pediatric patients who are immune compromised on the inpatient oncology/hematology unit at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, and geriatrics with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

Emma feels that it is rewarding working with some of the most vulnerable populations throughout her undergraduate studies, volunteer experiences, and role as a research coordinator. She envisions herself continuing to work with the geriatric population as they transition into new stages of their lives, practicing acceptance and helping them grapple with grief and loss. In addition, she would like to gain more experience working with veterans, first responders, and women and children who have endured trauma.

Emma earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from John Carroll University (2019). Currently, she is working toward obtaining a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Youngstown State University.

Emma is a member of the American Counseling Association, Chi Sigma Iota (the International and Professional Academic Honor Society for counseling students), and serves as a committee member for both the Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling Emerging Leaders Program and the Ohio Counseling Association Graduate Student Committee.

When asked what Emma believes she is awesome at, Emma replied, “I chose to embark on this journey of becoming a mental health counselor due to my genuine curiosity to learn more about others’ backgrounds, views, and feelings. I possess an inherent sense of empathy and compassion. Also, I can adapt to new ways of thinking about and understanding what someone may be going through while being sensitive to their personal experiences in our world, even though they may differ completely from mine. I pride myself in being able to see the best in people, an attentive listener that is non-judgmental, and having the ability to examine the gestalt of each situation I encounter.”

“Not only do I love my fellow humans, but I care deeply for animals! I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 years old!”

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