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mental health and wellness with Insight Clinical Counseling and Wellness, LLC and our full continuum of care for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples.

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With psychotherapy, more commonly referred to as counseling, we develop an individual plan focused on addressing your needs and setting goals to put you on a path to healing.


In providing a full continuum of care, we offer reiki, massotherapy and nutrition counseling offered by trained professionals to bring a holistic approach to your wellness.


When a child suffers from behavioral or mental wellness challenges, we can offer a tailored treatment plan for both the child’s and the whole family’s wellness needs.

Your home for whole family wellness.

At Insight Clinical Counseling & Wellness, we’re dedicated to changing the way you experience mental health and wellness. Our team of experienced clinicians work with individuals of all ages to put them on a path to recovery and wellness. And, our newly added wellness services, including reiki, massotherapy and nutrition, provide a holistic approach to our patients’ well being.

Our Philosophy

Insight was founded on the belief of meeting patients where they are at on their mental health and wellness journey, wherever that may be. We are committed to being a helping and healing hand along your journey to a healthier life.

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From Intern to Licensed Counselor: Reflections on the Journey

From Intern to Licensed Counselor: Reflections on the Journey

New experiences often come with difficulty and challenge. However, that doesn’t mean they are bad! I reminded myself of this fact often throughout my journey of becoming a counselor. From the beginning of my master’s program to starting my internship, and all the way through to graduation and licensure, it was challenging; I was pushed to grow and learn in many new ways.