We need to be able to explore being who we are.
Georgia Jill Smith, LSW, LPCC, CSOT

East Liverpool, UNited Schools TELEHEALTH

Georgia believes that when it comes to counseling, it is important that all people have a safe place to talk and share worries and joys without judgement.

She specializes in helping clients with grief, trauma, sex offense, abuse survivor support, LGBTQ, suicide, individual and group counseling, women’s issues, teen and child issues, aging issues, chemical abuse/dependency and anger.

Georgia attended Westminster College where she earned her bachelor degree in Biology and Psychology and Youngstown State University where she earned her Master of Science in Education.

In addition to her education, Georgia remains active in the LOSS Team, Suicide Coalition and the Diversity Committee.

When asked what she’s awesome at, Georgia replied, “being non-judgmental and advocating for others.”

“I am a bibliophile I love books. It’s part of my curious nature and I love to learn. ”

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