All deserve to reach our highest potential.
Sarah Peterson, MSW, LSW, ECMHC, OIFP-II


Sarah believes that each client has the ability to be successful and utilize an individualistic, strength-based approach in order to highlight their unique purpose as a grounds for positive change. It is her belief that everyone has an individual purpose and that we are all meant to succeed within that purpose. Struggling to find this purpose lies in learning to navigate our circumstances, more so than in personal deficit or failure. Sarah views the therapeutic process of relationship building and understanding the impact of our environment as vital to growth. She wishes to work collaboratively with clients to not only achieve their goals and move forward, but help educate them on understanding their diagnoses and surrounding influences on these diagnoses. She works to empower clients to recognize that our unique differences or those things commonly referred to as “shortcomings” or “disabilities” are simply our humanities. When people are young, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up and often scoffed at when our answer is at the top of the career ladder. Sarah believes you can reach the top of your ladder– whatever type it may be (career based, emotional, mental health), no matter who you are, or where you have been. We all have the ability and all deserve to reach our highest potential.

Sarah specializes in family issues, trauma, couple issues, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. She has expanding knowledge on non-verbal diagnoses, such as selective-mutism. She has experience in diagnosing, treating, and providing the following services: addiction, anxiety, adjustment disorders and life transitions, depression, behavioral issues, domestic abuse, parent training, life and job coaching, peer relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, and trauma.

Sarah earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Youngstown State University in 2018, and a Master of Social Work from Campbellsville University in 2021. She is also a Licensed Social Worker since 2018, a Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant since 2022, and an Infant Mental Health Family Practitioner, Tier 2, since 2022.

When asked what Sarah believes she is awesome at, Sarah replied, “My strong suite is establishing and maintaining relationships with my clients. I believe in learning how each aspect of your life can be an influence on achieving your goals. I not only want to see my client’s succeed, but be their biggest supporter while doing so. I will go to any extent to find a solution for you. We will not only find a strength, but build on that strength until you glow with positive self-esteem.”

“I am a social worker by day and writer by night. When I have the time between parenting two fun-loving little girls, I eagerly work on publishing a book series which has been my life’s focus for the last 20 years.”

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