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Reconnect This Year

Victoria Brown, LPC
Counselor, Insight Clinical Counseling and Wellness, LLC

Valentine’s Day is often envisioned with ideas from movies, books, and unrealistic social media reels. Valentine’s Day should not be when there is a lot of pressure to make things fantastic and perfect. Surprising your loved one with a date night or a new experience is pleasant. Try this year, preparing your love’s favorite meal and writing a handwritten letter expressing what you love about them and how much you appreciate them.

But think about the best gift you can give that special someone: your undivided attention, time, and focus. That gift is far more valuable than what money can buy. So, set your phone down and be present in the moment. Communication is vital to having a healthy, positive relationship.

This year, try to learn about your partner’s love language. Knowing your partner’s love language can be incredibly beneficial. It could unlock the mystery of what is missing in your relationship. Not knowing your and their love language can cause someone in the relationship to feel as though their emotional needs are not being met. Practicing your partner’s love language can show them that you care about their feelings and that you are listening and an empathetic partner. There are five types of love language. These love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, receiving gifts, and quality time. Take the time out and get to know your partner’s love language. Or take the time to relearn your partners’ needs and wants. Every individual is different. As our relationships grow and our lives change, sometimes our love language changes, it can evolve the more we learn, grow, and understand ourselves. Sometimes you may identify a primary love language, but you may also determine that you have a secondary love language. But this year take out the time and reconnect. Reconnecting strengthens our relationship.

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