Everyone has a story.
Staci May, LPCC

Staci believes that everyone has a story and deserves a space where it can be told. Each of us have things in our lives that we want to improve upon, and Staci wants to work with her clients on identifying areas that they’re struggle with, or ways in which they want to grow. Then together, they can work towards accomplishing their goals. Growth can look different to each person, and she works to help her clients identify steps to assist them towards their bigger goal and celebrating the progress that they have made along the way. Counseling and wellness are a way for a person to not only gain the ability of self-reflection, but to develop new skills, to truly feel heard, and allow for a deeper connection within themselves.

She has 14 years of experience working with youth and adolescents with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ODD, Conduct Disorder and trauma.

Staci has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mount Union College, and her Master of Arts in Education for Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Malone University.

When asked what she’s awesome at, Staci replied, “I love building rapport with my clients and really meeting them where they’re at. I believe that a person needs to have great therapeutic rapport for any growth and progress to be made. For this to happen, they need to be able to feel heard, understood and provided a judgement free space to be themselves. When working with youth and adolescents, so much of this can be done through activities that allow to be able to relax and open the lines of communication.”

“I absolutely love cooking, baking and party planning.”

Staci May, LPCC is under the supervision of Kim Steele, LPCC-S, E.0500707-SUPV.

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